As we mark one year since the general elections, there are lots of questions towards our opposition. One sits down and wonders what happened to our once active opposition politicians? Were they bribed by the government to keep their mouths shut? Are they keeping quiet in hope of getting a post in the now multi party cabinet just like Betty Kamya and Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi? Or the people they were fighting for are now having a better life? The questions are just endless….
Since last year’s elections, with the exception of Rtd. Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye, the rest of the presidential candidates are as rare to find as water in the desert. Amama Mbabazi appears on the radar once in a while especially during requiem services like that of Late AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi (may his soul rest in peace) and then disappear for what seems like forever. The rest of the candidates seem like they went back to their usual businesses; oh how I miss the duo of Eng. Elton Mabiriizi and Maureen Kyalya, our Biraaro who had wonderful ideas about farming, Abed Bwanika is probably busy with ministering his followers and I think Baryamureeba is concentrating on his University.
Gone are the days when former Member of Parliament for Rubaga South, John Ken Lukyamuzi would ‘terrorize’ Uganda with just one statement but seems like the old man is now tired. The likes of Nabilah Naggayi only come to light when she is being accused of sneaking into State House during the wee hours. Is Odonga Otto still a member of Forum for Democrtic Change (FDC)? The last time I had about him was when he cried what some onlookers termed as ‘crocodile tears’ in the Akena – Kanyamunyu case. Is the Leader of Opposition in the Parliament, Hon. Winnie Kiiza still there?
If the opposition politicians are to continue with this trend, I doubt whether we will even get presidential candidates for the next General Elections. All the opposition parties seem to be filled with in-fighting. If there is anything that Museveni mastered in this term ‘Hakuna Mchezo’, it’s divide and rule. All those who were offered jobs only left their bodies with their political parties but their souls are already feeling at home in NRM. The opposition should organize themselves before 2021 General Elections instead of complaining about how they stole their votes every time.