We are badly off – Senior B opens up as he thanks Bebe

Celebrated city Deejay Bwire Godfrey alias Dj Senior B has extended his gratitude towards Bebe Cool for the food relief given to Deejays as part of helping them go through the lockdown. The self proclaimed Remix Wizard also called upon other individuals who can help to come in to their rescue.

“Thank you Bebe Cool for running out to vulnerable poor DJs in this pandemic struggle. Thank you for the heart. God bless you more. On that note, I call upon all Ugandan artistes who are still able to come out and help out” he said. According to him, most DJs are faced with the problem of lacking permanent employers hence have no where to run to.

“We would be sending crying alarms to our bosses in our various workplaces, but it’s unfortunate that many of us are not permanently contracted employees, so it’s a very tricky process to get help from our bosses” he added. He further says that some of the DJs are badly off to the extent that they can’t afford accessing social media platforms where they would have asked for help.

“Not only artists, to everyone out there who is still able please reach out to any DJ you know. To all DJs who are still able please forward the offer to the next DJ who’s badly off”. Yesterday, Bebe Cool under the Amber Heart Foundation donated 900 bags of maize flour to the Minister of Health, Hon. Jane Ruth Aceng specifically for TB patients around Kampala, DJs and journalists.