Uganda Police on a weighing scale

The other day on 12th September 2017, a new chapter began in Ugandan politics when some of the honorable members of parliament that belong to the ruling party NRM decided to pass a resolution to remove presidential age limits from above 35 and below 75 years of old. While they were busy in the parliament, another section of taxi drivers that were later on joined by traders also arranged to march towards the parliament in support of amending article 102 b of the 1995 Uganda Constitution. The police led by Kampala Metropolitan South Police Commander Siraje Bakaleke peacefully escorted and gave them protection even if they received some disturbance from the Kifeesi criminals.

Siraje Bakaleke

Just recently, the same police has been on the forefront of arresting politicians from opposition especially Democratic Party (DP) who came up with “Togikwatako” (meaning don’t touch on article 102b) campaign. According to the constitution, the police is supposed to be a neutral force serving Ugandans without siding with any political side. The big question now is, is the police ready to give protection to the opposition side when they resume their campaign? Otherwise how will they explain to Ugandans if they fail? Over to you Mr. Kayihura.