It was ninth of October 1962
When a nation was born
Beautiful and endowed
With the promise of democracy
With unity, diversity, honour of a nation
To build a nation
That will make life better
For the future generations
Well indeed we’re that generation
The grand children of the independence generation
And oh yes
The grandparents of the future generations
We must within ourselves find solutions
Since our leaders don’t seem to care for the next generation
But instead
Care for the next general election! …tion …tion

Weebase bambi
Zuukuka bambi
Ggwe eyali omwana
Ggwe kati taata
Ggwe kati maama

Nze mbasaba tube mu ggwanga etto
Naye nga tulowooza ng’abakulu
Twewale n’okuyiga obuyisa obw’abo
Abakulu abajudde omululu
Tuteme n’empenda ezikuza eggwanga eppya
Lino elijjudde amabavu
Nsaba twejjukize mu mitima
Ffe Uganda era ne Uganda ye ffe
We are the country
We are the future
We are the change that we need
We are the youngest population in the world
We stand a chance
We are the leaders of the future
And the future is today
If we only come together
We can change our destiny
Bw’opima ku kyetuli okiraba wetuli
Ssi bwetulina okuba

Kati bwobanga weebase
Nsaba leero sisimuka
Bawoza nti olwatta omwami twalulaba
Nti kiki kye mwakola?
Laba eyali omuto luli
Abuuse ng’emyaka giyise
Kati yeggwe muti omuto
Fuba olabe nga weejuna
Nsaba wenyigire mu bikolwa by’olaba
Naawe ebijuna ensiiyo
Oleme bya kudda ku bbali kuloba
Ensiiyo ng’ewaba ogiraba
Oleme na kuba wa layisi
Eddembelyo nga ggwe teligulwa bunusu
Njagala okimanye mutima
Betutya ffe be basinga okutya!

Zuukuka bambi

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4 thoughts on “Uganda Lyrics – Bobi Wine x Nubian Li”
  1. It is over and over again, even the music he play clears away 4 him, dreams turn into reality, he has already won the presidential general election be4 the yr 2021 comes, and 4 me i call him my president coz he is de only knowledgeable ugandan who understand and cares about his fellow ugandans, the country has been in search 4 aperson who suits nicely for that presidential seat 4 over decades. Mr. KYAGULANYI SSENTAMU is the right person at the right time to rub the tears ugandans hv been sheding and also improve on the people’s poor standard of living countrywide, let us wait until 2021 comes, is when he will be officially annouced as the president of the republic of uganda. After presidency, we want u to construct akingdom where we hv to worship u. Congulatulations!!!!

  2. Bobi so far the the best in Uganda because there is no any other musician who cares for the future of all Ugandans by singing for on behalf of the citizens. The only musician who won the parliamentary election in the history of Uganda. He also wake up Ugandans from asleep to think and reason properly such that we can build our own country. He did not participate in tubonge nawe concert because the ruling government is working against the citizens of the country. He sung some good and meaning fully songs like Jennifer,time bomb, freedom and Uganda. These songs are enough evidence for Ugandans to start looking for their next president who will satisfy the rights in order to make a good governance. UGANDANS LETS OPEN OUR EYES THERE IS STILL TIME FOR US TO CHANGE OUR DESTINY IF WE ONLY COME TOGETHER. FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY.

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