The Pros and Cons of Kaweesi's Death

Yesterday marked exactly eleven weeks since the late AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi together with his bodyguard and driver (May their souls rest in peace) met their death on a cold Friday morning just a few yards outside Kaweesi’s home in Kulambiro. Even though the investigations immediately started, the Police are yet to find the real culprits. Maybe they (Police) can be excused as one major ranking army officer put it that; even if it meant spending 1,000 years looking for Kaweesi’s assassinators, they will finally get them, so the police are not in any hurry. During this period, a lot of ‘drama’ has unfolded revealing how rotten, Uganda’s system is:-
When I first heard that Kaweesi has been murdered, I expected to hear about lots of gun fire exchange in the following news bulletin as I expected him (being at a level of AIGP, only a step below IGP) to have a considerable convoy. To my surprise, the humble cop had only one car with one bodyguard plus the driver. I’m not sure if this was the daily routine, or it was just a coincidence. The person of Kaweesi’s rank deserved much more than this.
The aftermath of the incident showed the level of untrustworthy in the force. This is evidenced by one Afande Sam Omara who openly said that Kaweesi was the only person he trusted in the force. Remember he is (Omara) is a senior officer who cannot just utter out baseless statements like that. This leaves you wondering if a senior officer of Omara’s caliber can feel threatened at his job, then what of the junior officers!
The president while speaking at the vigil at the late’s home in Kulambiro, he emphasized the need for deploying surveillance cameras in different parts of the country. In his view, he pointed out that these could help the police in tracking down the criminals. The idea may seem to be good at first sight but when you sit down and analyze it, it has some loopholes. For instance, the cameras operate on electricity, so what will happen to areas without electricity? At night, they need to work in a lit environment yet most of our roads even in the city don’t have streetlights yet most of the crimes are committed during night hours. Ugandans are known for stealing road signs and streetlights, so how safe will the cameras be? In a country where stealing of public funds is the order of the day, won’t the money be stolen?
The level of torture among Uganda’s security forces has been exposed. Most notable of the fierce detentions being Nalufeenya which has become a nightmare among Ugandans. Many people who were arrested in connection with the case and taken to Nalufeenya are complaining of the complex situation at the center. The bad thing about this is that the force goes on to deny torturing anybody. However, this prompted the speaker Madam Rebecca Kadaga to send the Human Rights committee members to the detention to see the condition even if they came back with differing observations. Right now some of the cops suspected of being behind the torturing, are appearing before the courts of law.
The murdering of Kaweesi saw government through its body, Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) start re-registering of Sim Cards using the National IDs and Passports or Refugee documents for foreigners. Apart from the time limit and other incidences like cutting off some of the subscribers who had successfully complied and registered, the program is good. The challenge is that what if someone gets access to your National Identification Number without your knowledge? This very issue also created confusion between the state arms with Minister Tumwebaze ordering the cutting off of unregistered Sim cards while the speaker Rebecca Kadaga pushing for an extension of the deadline until the president finally came out and ordered for an extension.
The police was found of holding children as young as below 5 years just because their parents were arrested for suspecting them to be in connection with the murder. This is a total violation of children’s rights because however much that their parents may be criminals, it doesn’t make them criminals too. And when the human rights report comes out next year, the police should not complain if they come out on top of the list.
All in all, the police are the main actors here and Gen. Kale Kayihura the lead actor needs to style up and clean up his force just like President Museveni said.
“For God and My Country”
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