I handover this day to you God
Who created all
And made the sun to shine
All I see
And those hidden far
I’m with you Almighty
And one day I’ll find them
Bless my works today
Always show me the way
And light me a lantern hmmm

Walk with me
Grant me victory today
Begin with me
Purify and show me mercy

Let the power of your love take my laziness
Send me a rope
Take me upstairs
The rain spent the night irrigating
Trees and flowers
We have hope for food
I’m here because of you
Seas and rivers
Thank you for taking care of me hmmm

I appreciate all the miracles you do for me
You even know
The right and suitable amount
I wrong you every day and never repent
Yet you want me
To never forget you
Fighting the truth has set me back
Purify my tongue
Cleanse my hands hmmm

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