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Singa Omanyi Lyrics – Dre Cali ft. Weasel Manisal

Mpaka Records’ fast rising artiste collaborates with Goodlyfe’s Weasel Manisal in yet again another love song Singa Omanyi

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Sure Lyrics – Piz Mallon ft. Weasel Manisal

Piz Mallon joins Goodlyfe’s Weasel Manisal on Sure in which the latter resurrects Mowzey Radio’s vocal memories.

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Radio Man Lyrics – Ykee Benda x Weasel Manisal

Ykee Benda teams up with Weasel Manisal in Radio Man, a song about requesting the presenter to play his favorite song.

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Story Lyrics – Daddy Andre ft. Weasel Manisal

Story is a sweet reggae love jam performed by Daddy Andre off his E.P, See Me So. He features Weasel Manisal on this track.

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Kimuli Kyange Lyrics – King Saha x Weasel Manisal x Sizza

Here is another love song from King Saha, Weasel and Sizza titled Kimuli Kyange which loosely translated as My Flower.

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Freaky Love Lyrics – B2C ft. Rabadaba & Weasel

Believe me or not, this Freaky Love song by B2C ft. Weasel and Rabadaba is every Raggamuffin’s nightmare and it’s FREAKY.

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Tubikole Lyrics – Weasel Manisal ft. King Saha

Following the success of their first collabo Mpa Love, Weasel has teamed up with King Saha again on Tubikole (Let’s do them) project

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God’s Grace Lyrics – Weasel Manisal

Following his partner Radio’s death, Weasel has been faced with a lot of challenges. He reflects some of these shortcomings in this song God’s Grace.

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Mpa Love Lyrics – King Saha x Weasel Manisal

It’s been a long time since we heard Weasel’s rough voice mixed with a smooth one. King Saha resurrects this feeling in the long awaited collaboration ‘Mpa Love’ (Give me love).

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Good Over Evil Lyrics – Weasel Manisal

Weasel sings this song to get closer to God after the departure of his singing partner Radio. He expresse the challenges he is going through.

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