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Ennyimba Z’omukwano Remix Lyrics – Radio & Weasel

Initially released as a single by Mowzey Radio, Weasel Manisal chips in in this remix which talks about hating Love Songs.

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There She Go Lyrics – Radio & Weasel ft. Dj Madengo

Radio & Weasel feature Australia based Dj Madengo in which a girl abruptly walks out on a guy leaving him shocked.

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Sure Lyrics – Piz Mallon ft. Weasel Manisal

Piz Mallon joins Goodlyfe’s Weasel Manisal on Sure in which the latter resurrects Mowzey Radio’s vocal memories.

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Lwaki Tokula Lyrics – Radio & Weasel

At the height of their beef with Chameleone, the duo released this song wondering why Chameleone was failing to grow up.

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Nsimbi Lyrics – Radio & Weasel

Mowzey Radio (RIP) refers to Nsimbi (money) as a person that everyone searches for since he is the one who buys milk, suits, e.t.c

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Nkyakujjukira Lyrics – Mowzey Radio ft. Rocky Giant

Nkyakujjukira (I still remember you) is about a love relationship gone sour despite the fact one party still has feelings for the other.

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