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Ayi Lyrics – Mudra D’Viral ft. Sheebah Karungi

DCM’s Mudra D’Viral teams up with the Queen Karma on Ayi, a dance-hall tune that talks about an affection between two love birds.

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Kookonyo Lyrics – Mudra D’Viral

Mudra hits at the type of girls who go out with guys on dates and leave food on plates as well as those who go to disco but don’t want to dance.

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Kimuli Kyange Remix Lyrics – Mudra ft. Vinka

While choosing a person for his remake, Mudra must have taken his time as Vinka’s voice befittingly synchronizes with his own.

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Gwe Amanyi Lyrics – Mudra D’ Viral

Gwe Amanyi (It’s up to you) is a song performed by Mudra D’ Lyrical in which he advises people to always mind their businesses.

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