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Nsimbi Lyrics – Radio & Weasel

Mowzey Radio (RIP) refers to Nsimbi (money) as a person that everyone searches for since he is the one who buys milk, suits, e.t.c

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Nkyakujjukira Lyrics – Mowzey Radio ft. Rocky Giant

Nkyakujjukira (I still remember you) is about a love relationship gone sour despite the fact one party still has feelings for the other.

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Niwe Yahweh Lyrics – Mowzey Radio

Niwe Yahweh (You’re the Lord) is performed by Mowzey Radio (R.I.P) praising God and calling on him to guide and protect him.

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Move On Lyrics – Mowzey Radio

Almost 5 months since his death, our ears are still being fed with brand new songs from the artiste. In this one, he urges a girl to move on from the marriage where she’s being mistreated before it’s too late.

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