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Kampase Mu Kyalo Lyrics – Mathias Walukagga ft. Fred Sebbaale & Gerald Kiweewa

Walukagga wants to marry a village belle, Sebbaale warns him about the move while Kiweewa advises him to try his luck anywhere.

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K’okirabe Lyrics – Mathias Walukagga

Giving examples, Walukagga advises people to give respect to those who help them on their way up the ladders of success.

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Parliament Yaffe Lyrics – Matthias Walukagga

Walukagga blasts MPs who forget their voters after being elected to represent them and warns them about the repercussions.

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Akanyoomonyoomo Lyrics – Mathias Walukagga

Giving an example of a ship that capsized because the occupants had a disagreement, Mathias warns about undermining others.

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Ssentebe W’ekizinga Lyrics – Mathias Walukagga

Walukagga advices the Chairman of the Island to sit down with his residents and sort out their differences before it sours.

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Muka Kitaffe Lyrics – Mathias Walukagga

Mathias Walukagga sings about a step mum who is mistreating her husband’s children and surrenders her to God.

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Namboole Lyrics – Mathias Walukagga

This is one of the song that lifted Walukagga’s career from where it was stuck and established himself as a force to reckon.

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Ekimansannaku Lyrics – Mathias Walukagga

Walukagga condemns people who laugh at others because they have AIDS saying you never know how/when you will contract it.

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Omuzadde Tagulwa Lyrics – Mathias Walukagga

Walukagga emphasizes the need to love, respect and value parents while still alive because they are the greatest gifts from GOD.

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Munsendere Lyrics – Mathias Walukagga

Walukagga begs his former school mate and brother-in-law to be to assist him in convincing his sister so that she can accept him.

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