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Musajja Wattu Lyrics – Akay x King Saha

Based on a true story, Akay (RIP) featuring King Saha hit at a girl who used to abuse and beat him during their relationship.

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Pretty Lyrics – King Saha

Performed by Saha, Pretty is a song about a girl who underestimates her struggling lover only to resurface after he becomes succesful.

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Eddoboozi Lyo Lyrics – Slick Stuart & Roja ft. King Saha

Off their (Slick Stuart & Roja) debut album Very Wellooo, Eddoboozi Lyo (Your voice) features King Saha appreciating a girl’s voice.

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Kimuli Kyange Lyrics – King Saha x Weasel Manisal x Sizza

Here is another love song from King Saha, Weasel and Sizza titled Kimuli Kyange which loosely translated as My Flower.

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Otutwala Wa Walumbe Lyrics – King Saha

Greatly inspired by the Radio, Saha felt the pain when Radio was announced dead 2 years ago and came up with this song.

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Toggwaamu Ssuubi Lyrics – All Stars

6 years ago, DJ Jacob came in touch with All Stars to release this project aimed at restoring hope among HIV/AIDS victims.

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