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Obusika Lyrics – Herman Basudde

Basudde urges parents to enjoy their sweats before death since the children they leave behind just end up messing up everything.

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Mweraba Ngenze Lyrics – Herman Basudde

Basudde wrote this song justifying his decision to leave music and resort to farming, a thing he never lived to see.

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Ggwanga Ki TASO Lyrics – Herman Basudde

Basudde asks TASO to forge a way of differentiating its clients from the rest of the people with a mark to help in curbing the virus.

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Abayimbi Lyrics – Herman Basudde

Basudde sings about the need for all musicians to come together as one if they are to achieve bigger in developing themselves.

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Mukyala Mugerwa Pt.2 Lyrics – Herman Basudde

After Mrs. Mugerwa murdered her husband in cold blood, she left the village only to resurface in Katwe with the same techniques.

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Mukyala Mugerwa Pt.1 Lyrics – Herman Basudde

Basudde sings about a woman who poisons her husband because of the new found love who later abandons her after learning about it.

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Ekiryo N’omuwafu Lyrics – Herman Basudde

Through different tales like a giant tree & a pumpkin, Basudde preaches humbleness and being merciful towards each other.

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Abankuseere Lyrics – Herman Basudde

Basudde sings about bad minded people in Abankuseere who want to eat money off other people’s hard work and sweat.

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Ennimiro Yokubuganga Lyrics – Herman Basudde

During his beef with Livingstone Kasozi (R.I.P), the Late Herman Basudde released this song attacking Kasozi.

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