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Ayagala Mulaasi Lyrics – Bobi Wine ft. Cassanova & Kabaaya

It’s a public secret that when a rastaman loves, he loves to the maximum. That’s why the girl in this trio’s song couldn’t give up on the rasta.

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Ogenda Lyrics – Bobi Wine

Kind of a letter considering the song outro, Ogenda (You’re going) is a mixture of atrocities, injustices, broken promises, among others.

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Tulonde Remix Lyrics – Bobi Wine x Jim Nola MC

With his usual tongue-twisting, the Sun of Najjuma makes a remix of Bobi Wine’s song Tulonde that encourages people to vote.

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Tulonde Lyrics – Bobi Wine

Just a few days to the election day, Bobi released this song encouraging voters to go in large numbers and vote for the umbrella.

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Obululu Tebutwawula Lyrics – Bobi Wine x Nubian Li

Bobi Wine and Nubian Li advise Ugandans to maintain their relations despite the differences they may have in politics.

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Ddembe Lyrics – Bobi Wine

As we approached the last General Elections, Bobi Wine preached peace through this song. With the pending elections, we need it even more.

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