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Entiisa Y’okufa Lyrics – Angel Sekandi

Sekandi describes how scary death may turn out to be, yours friends abandoning you and rushing from the graveyard, among others.

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Perugia Lyrics – Angel Sekandi

Perugia confronts her ‘father’ after being irritated by rumours about not being her real dad. What follows is this song in which he admits it.

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Mwannyinaze Lyrics – Angel Ssekandi

Ssekandi blasts his sister about the way she behaves towards her husband to the extent of ashaming the whole family.

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Tuba Tetulwaza Katinko Lyrics – Angel Sekandi

Sekandi speaks out on doctors who tarnish the profession’s image due to different vices like soliciting money before treatment.

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Obulamu Bwebutyo Lyrics – Angel Ssekandi

Obulamu Bwebutyo (That’s Life) is performed by Ssekandi inspired by the events that unfolded at his mentor, Kafeero’s death.

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