City Boy

Obulungi bwo, bundeetera amaaso okumyuuka
N’elyo eddoboozi lyo, lindeetera okutaawa
Make me a prisoner for your love
And supply me unconditional love
Am the fish in your bucket
Take me down to your market
This is how we gonna roll it,
Rock it
Baby you get it.

Home to Africa Lyrics – PJ Powers ft. Radio & Weasel

Songea (Songea)
Songea (Songea)
Girl your love is perfect
Am your bullet on target
Babe I love you today
I love you tomorrow
Let me hope you get it
Songea (Songea)
Songea (Songea)
I love you tomorrow
Let me hope you get it

Ontagaza Lyrics – B2C

You’re my perfect size
I’ll be right the-there by your side
No matter situation
I’ll be there, I’ll be there
Bonna bonna abakunyonyogera, abakusekeetereza
Bonna bonna bonna tobawulira
Abakujjukujju abakutogonyola ababa bakulwaanira
Ffe tuli ready okubeewala
Nze nkuba ngalabi zina mazina gwe tyabula
Omukwano twafuna abalala gwe baabulwa
Me nakudata nakudataa

Engatto Lyrics – Eighton Ssente

Mr. Lee
I used to long love for me life
I used to have love phobia
But inna mi area,
Came an angel that changed and twisted my area
Woman you’re fire yeah yeah
You know your love nze ntayaaya
Baby am perfect for you
You’re perfect for me
Baby never retire yeah yeah
Woman you’re fire
Onnyambanga n’otankyaawa
Baby you’re perfect for me
Am perfect for you
Never retire

Andy Events

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