When the going gets tough
The tough must get going
Especially when leaders become misleaders
And mentors become tormentors
When freedom of expression
Becomes a target of suppression
Opposition becomes our position

True Love Lyrics – Lyto Boss x Bobi Wine

My heart is broken
But I know your heart is broken too
Everywhere you look people are depressed
What they expect are different from what they see
And, others get tired of them
They are harassed with nowhere to report
And where you would’ve reported
It’s also difficult to get justice from there
I tell you don’t stay down
When you fall, get up immediately and walk
There nothing easy in the world
The journey is long
Get up and we move on.

Get up and we move on
The situation is demoralizing
But don’t give up let’s move on
The journey is long
But if we persist we reach our destination
Get up and we move on
The situation is demoralizing
But don’t give up let’s move on
Don’t give up let’s move on
Cry as you move on

Nazaala Lyrics – Ziza Bafana

Years have been many
Even the harassment has been so much
The hopes have been high
Hoping the situation may at least change
But what I’ve found out the change you long for
Is now in your own hands
Because the one you have hope in
Also has the hope I you
Therefore, whenever you fall get up
Move on and clean yourself on the way
Because whenever you fall and show signs of giving up
Others are looking up to you
Majority are going through the same hardship
As you’re going through
But we keep going and reach the destination
The fire burning within us
Is more than the one we go through
Whenever you fall make sure to get up

Situka Lyrics – Bobi Wine

Now I remind you in slumber and whoever is mournful
My brother get up right now
We have a big job of building a new Uganda
That the coming generations will be proud of
If you can’t run
At least you walk
If you can’t walk
At least you crawl
If you can’t crawl
At least you creep
But whatever the case
Stay in motion
No one is going to bring you peace
On a plate at your home
If you’re not satisfied
You need to raise your voice
Stay on your course
But know your rights
Don’t fail your country
Build your nation
Even if you had a different opinion from your boos
You play your part
Because it’s your country

Don’t give up my brother
You’ll overcome my friend

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