Sheebah pledges full support to molested teenager

Top female singer Sheebah Karungi has pledged to help a teenage girl (names withheld) who was reportedly molested with the help of her mother. The 14 year old girl whose video clip surfaced on social media this week accused her mother of forcing her to visit a certain Mzee who was extending some help to them during the lock down.

After turning down her mother’s demand several times, she changed the plans and instead invited ‘Mzee’ and another man home who went ahead to sexually abuse her and ended up getting pregnant. On watching the clip, Sheebah was touched and promised to help the teenage victim.

“Please contact me if you can. Am willing to do whatever I can to help you. Am sorry baby girl… I can see the pain in your eyes. You need some 1 to protect you & love you. I can” Sheebah said. Many followers welcomed her pledge with others asking her to look for the girl since she might not be able to get access to her immediately.