Sheebah, Mum resurrect memories as she turns 30

Team No Sleep lead singer Sheebah Karungi has showered her mama with praises as she celebrated turning 30 years old. Among the memories resurrected was how she used to get them clothes from the pieces left from her gomasis.

“When I was growing up, mama didn’t have enough money to buy all of us clothes so every time she got a new gomasi, I got a new little dress from the remaining material which I found so cool!!” Sheebah said. “Re-creating this moment at my home with my beautiful mama was very emotional for me thou I couldn’t show it. We both not good at being sentimental. She probably cried in her bed just like I did.”

The two then headed for a photo shoot which according to Sheebah, she has always craved to have. “Anyways, this shoot made her so uncomfortable cause she’s not into this whole camera life but I had to do it. I have always wanted to do it but I guess this was the right time.”

Sheebah thanked her mother for bringing her into this world and promised make her more proud. “Thank you mama for being brave enough to bring me to this world. You are my hero mama. I respect the woman