Prof. Wole Soyinka excites Bobi and Barbie

One of Uganda’s power couples Bobi and Barbie Kyagulanyi are over the moon after meeting one of Africa’s most renowned playwright, poet and essayist writers, Wole Soyinka. The two linked up with the professor in Lagos, Nigeria yesterday as they attended Fela’s memorial celebrations.

 “What an honour it was to meet and chat with the legends that included Professor Wole Soyinka” Bobi Wine said. His wife on the other side was also excited almost in the same way. ‘Today, my husband and I met the man whose work was part of my six years of Literature classes and who inspired me to write my first ever book “Golden memories of a village belle” The legendary Wole Soyinka. What an honor.’ Barbie noted.

Bobi Wine who was in the company of wife Barbie and music partner Nubian Li was invited to be part of the Fela Debate under the theme, Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsense as Fela’s family marked his departure 21 years ago. Fela Kuti was a Nigerian musician who dedicated his career to fighting for human rights. He died of HIV/AIDS in August 1997.