Bye Mucheveni Lyrics – Jim Nola MC

Talented word twisting rapper Jim Nola MC bids farewell to a one ‘Mucheveni’ whom he accuses of prolonging his stay.

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Africa Lyrics – Ronald Mayinja

Mayinja sings about how the country is almost put up for sale by the leaders with corruption, lack of medicine in hospitals, etc

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Ngamba Lyrics – John Blaq

John asks a lady he desires to fall in love with if she is willing to stay with him and asks her to tell him the truth about their love.

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Ye Mwesigwa Lyrics – Joseph Ngoma

Joseph Ngoma warns individuals against trusting people saying they aren’t reliable but should instead put their trust in God.

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Love Legend Lyrics – Victor Ruz

In this song Love Legend, Victor Ruz is crying for love after trying all that he can to win the girl’s heart but to no avail.

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