Omuntu Lyrics – David Lutalo

Omuntu mulungi ku balala naye nze agaanyeYefuula alumirirwaNe bw’aba wuwo bw’ofuna yafuuka enkongeNg’ate alemesa ebibyoOmuntu mulungi ku balala naye nze

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Omuntu Lyrics – Sheebah Karungi x Lydia Jazmine

Sheebah Karungi and Lydia Jazmine sing about how humans behave and warn people to be careful with trusting them.

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Tokendeeza Lyrics – Geosteady

In this song Tokendeeza (Don’t reduce), Geosteady Blackman is pleading to his lover not to reduce on the amount of love she is giving to him.

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Muyaaye Lyrics – Zanie Brown

Muyaaye talks about a person who turned into a hooligan due to his father’s behavior. This gospel song also exposes fake pastors who are after material gains.

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