Ofwono Opondo taught a lesson for ‘insulting’ Kabaka

Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo has been criticized on Twitter for what was considered as insulting Buganda’s cultural leader, Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi. Ofwono who was reacting to the postponement of the annual Kingdom marathon found himself on the wrong side as the Kingdom apologists unleashed fire onto him.

“The #KabakaBirthdayRun 2020 has been postponed. The Kabaka of Buganda will flag it off when the danger of #COVID19 has receded. But buy the kits in readiness” David F.K. Mpanga, a Kingdom official tweeted. On seeing the tweet, OO referring to some of his titles replied that “I thought Luwangula is so powerful. Atamegwa”

This triggered responses from different tweeps blaming Ofwono for always poking his nose everywhere. “Given what u represent, this is so nonsensical and regrettable, given the Kabaka’s efforts to curb down HIV/AIDS, and #CORD-19 lies under the same, it’s deadly, the whole world is grounded, and as wise leader, I support the Kabaka efforts” said a one @luwagarluwagar.

“Don’t cross the line. Respect the King. He may be safe as you claim. But his subjects maybe vulnerable due to the crowds. Your boss is Ssabalwanyi. Why does he avoids handshakes? Awareness and Commonsense” @MosesKawooya2 retaliated. @kigunddulin warned Ofwono to keep his hands off the Kabaka. “Opondo stop making silly jokes about the Kabaka otherwise we shall also start talking about the disappearing underwears”.

@rocxm opted to call the President for his man. “@KagutaMuseveni call your man to order. Like many others he is drunk with power and moments of madness r kicking in. Sit down @OfwonoOpondo”