Norbert Mao apologizes to journalists

The President General for Democratic Party (DP), Hon. Norbert Mao has come out to apologize to the media fraternity for not being able to arrive on time for the party’s weekly press conference at the City Hall. This came after the journalists who had gone to cover the event stormed out of the venue protesting the poor time management exhibited by the party officials.

Their act prompted the party president to write an apology letter promising not to delay again. “I sincerely apologize for coming late for the weekly DP Press Conference scheduled for Tuesday, August 13, 2019 at 10.00am. I was informed that you left the building in protest before I arrived. This is understandable and we have noted your concern” read the letter.

He further said that he didn’t intend to come late but it was out of his control. “We are currently taking steps to ensure that our press conferences start on time and that I am never late again.”