The Ben
No you, no life (yeah)
Baby no you, there’s no life (eeh)
If there’s no you, no life
Baby no you, there’s no life

Mr. Lee
Baby I am your flower
Keep irrigating me
Me need your love more than power
So sweet mamacita njagala ku booking-a
Seat in your love chamber
Akusinga simulabangako
Nebwokaaba oba ng’aseka
Baby baby baby
No you, no me
No you, no life
No you, no life
Yeah eh eeh

Tease me with your tender sweet love
Taste your lips for more and more life, eeh
Yeggwe nkuba mu ddungu
Yeggwe kasana kokumakya
Gwe anyookeza evvumbe
Afulumya akaloosa akawooma

Bobby Lash
Ha, now let me say
This is a message for you
Top chatter girl me yearning for you
Abalala bonna obasudde eddalu
Erinnya lyange olifuule tattoo
Let me say
Number one you’re my warrior
Baddest girl in town, inna di area
Temuntiisantiisa nze mbasobola
Number one fighter girl
Ono mulwanira girl

The Ben
Can’t you see oh
Baby you the only one that can change my life
Ooh from bad to good
Do you know ooh
How far I could go to show you how much I love you?
Eeh how much I love you
Baby naho isi yatuvaho
Baby naho abantu bose batuvaho nanana!
I wanna be black button on your dress
That opens and closes
The way to your heart
I wanna be black button on your dress
Eeeh eeh!

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