All the honour I see
As the wild rivers meet
If it weren’t by your name I’d be
Nothing still
I define, I define
I define today
They point on me saying
See the woman of God in me, in me

Hallelu… Hallelu… Hallelujah
Hallelu… Hallelu… Hallelujah
Praise the man that made me somebody
Hallelu… Hallelu… Hallelujah
By your name I value so highly
You’re the one that made me somebody
I sing Hallelujah
To the name of the man that I love
Hmmm Halle… Hallelujah
Ha-lle… Ha-lle-lu-jah

Here I am
Send me to the arms of the world glory
I live to worship you
I live to honour you Lord
Take my heart where you please
Am happy for where you’ve brought it
Ebenezer, this is how far the Lord has brought us

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