Ladies desert ‘Podium’

The rate at which people are deserting Bryan White’s Podium is alarming. And if we are to go by it, there seems to be something that’s not going on well. The podium that started with a lot of people is growing small in number each and every coming day.

Jose Chameleone was one of the artistes who deserted the podium in its infancy stage. It could not be confirmed whether the ‘pick-pocketing’ accusations against him were the result of his decision or it was something else. The other employees of the foundation to follow suit lately include Cinderella Sanyu a.k.a Cindy as well as Spice Diana who allegedly according to unconfirmed reports left due to sexual advances.

Some of the individuals who are still glued on the podium include King Michael, Weasel Manisal, Pallaso, Lady Mariam of the Tindatiine fame; as well as comedians Madrat and Chicko.