Kats in trouble for standing in Fresh Daddy’s way

Fans and some artistes have come out to support Fresh Daddy in his search for Mazike. This follows his management’s crash with MC Kats on Thursday at Wave Lounge as he refused to give the Mazike singer a chance to perform for the revelers.

The fans reminded Kats that the artistes signed under his record label (Kats Music) were not much different from Fresh Dad and that he should leave the ‘old man’ to do his thing without interference.

Kenzo and Weasel have also added a voice to the fans’ plea towards supporting Fresh Daddy. “Fresh Daddy, Fresh Kid and Fresh Mummy are all a blessing God knows the plan and we should not question it let us embrace them. God above everything” Kenzo posted.

Weasel Manisal who also performed alongside Fresh Dad at the Comedy Store had this to say “Yono Weasel Manizel Mukwano Gwa Fresh Daddy Celeb. I think the industry is big enough for all of us to reap from. Let’s embrace each talent that comes through. It might be Comic but that’s what the fans need at that moment.”