Interview with Sizzaman reveals the whole truth about Straka's wedding

Who is Sizza Diktionary?
My name is Kayemba Andrew. I was born in 1983 in Mukono. I have 7 brothers and sisters and went to Mukono Bishops Primary school, Buloba Secondary School and then Nakawa Vocational training. I am not married, but my girlfriend is expecting a baby soon
What is your best dish?
I love vegetable rice and peas. I enjoy cooking!
What song of yours do you like most?
I like all of my songs! Each song requires the same amount of effort so it’s hard for me to choose a favourite
Who inspired you to do music?
Life inspired me
Who is your best artist locally and internationally?
Bounty Killer is my favourite international artist – I like his hardcore style. The late Menton Summer is my best Ugandan artistSizza2.JPG
What really went wrong with your scheduled wedding with Straka?
I have never planned a wedding to anyone. If I had plans of marrying I’m sure my friends and family would be involved
Are you still friends with her?
I have no bad feelings towards Straka
Talking about beef, there were rumours recently that you had beef with Radio and Weasel. How true is this?
There is no beef with me and Radio and Weasel or anyone else. I have so many songs with Radio and Weasel – we still perform together, in fact we performed together in Ntungamo a few weeks back. It is disappointing that there are many unprofessional Uganda media houses who like to try and stir up trouble between artists
Should we expect more collabos with them?
We are always put on pressure to do more collabos – watch this space!
Still on beef, did Bebe Cool steal your Mudiribada song?
I don’t have any problem with Bebe Cool or anyone else. If someone releases a song that sounds like mine that’s ok – I have many more songs waiting to drop!
We understand you are a songwriter, give us some of the songs you‛ve written
I love writing songs and sometimes if they don’t fit my style I give them to other artists. Examples would be Ice cream, Sheeba and Kibelemu by Rexy. I’m also giving support to a number of upcoming artists at the moment through my music studio Zebra Kross, and the support includes writing songs that will soon be released.
Tell us more about Zebra Kross and Mukono Eleven. Which of the two is a record label?
Mukono 11 is just the address of where I come from – Zebra Kross is my record label and the name my studio operates under
You have been so quiet recently, are you cooking something for your fans?
I have an album coming out later this year. Since I have my own studio I’m able to write music at my own pace. I’ve also got video projects coming out soon, and have shot 3 new music videos recently which will be released when the time is right
When should we expect a concert?
Right now I’m in the UK for some time. I will be working on something special for my fans by the time I return to Uganda at the end of the yearSizza3.JPG
Where do you see Uganda‛s music in the next 5 years?
We are not looking at only music, but the whole economy of Uganda. The more the economy improves the more Ugandan music will thrive. We need to be more professional with our music and video production and we need many more professionals to come on board and get involved with the industry.
You are one of the artists with random words when it comes to singing, how do you manage to do it?
Simplicity. I sing about day to day life and the things that some people would never sing about. I like to surprise people with my music
Which artistes would you like to collaborate with?
I would love to work with more artists from different countries. I’ve done collabos with a lot of the biggest artists in Uganda and I’d love to also work with and learn from international artists.
What challenges have you faced in the industry?
My family wanted me to be a mechanic or engineer so it was hard for them to see me wanting to do music. When I started music there was not much respect or support for artists which was challenging
What do you think should be done in order for Ugandan music to penetrate the world market?
I think artists need to work together and put an end to fighting each other. When I look at other countries you don’t find them putting down their artists. The Uganda media also needs to get behind the music industry and be more positive instead of always creating negative stories which often aren’t true just to get likes on social media. If the whole of Uganda got behind the country’s music industry, achievements would be much greater
Have you ever regretted joining the music industry?
No because it’s something that I love
Would you allow your child to join music? (If not, why?)
I wouldn’t make my child join music unless it was something they wanted to do. It has to be something you want to do that gives you the determination
If you were not an artist, what job would you be doing?
I would be a mechanic or engineer like my father
What should the fans expect from you before the end of this year?
I have a surprise for fans – they will have to wait and see!
Any turning points in your life?
Away from music, how do you usually spend your free time?
I’m a businessman. I invest in a lot of things which keep me busy. I also like to play football and relax with friends
If you met the President today, what would you ask him to do for you?
He should let me be president for a week so that I can guide my generation well!
What do you say about Bobi Wine being voted Member of Parliament for Kyaddondo East Constituency?
Respect to him. It’s time for the next generation
Are you also coming in 2021?
Watch this space
Last word to your fans out there?
Respect to my fans. I love and appreciate what they do for me