Nvunnama, awo wooli
Gwe Katonda, ow’amaanyi
Nnyanjala, omutima gwange gyoli
Gwe wekka, asaanidde
Halle-lujah, halle-lujah
Halle-lujah, halle-lujah
Osaa-nidde, osaanidde
Osaa-nidde, osaa-nidde

Hallelujah (halle-lujah)
Halle-hallelujah (halle-lujah)
Lord we give you all our grace (halle-lujah)
Halle-hallelujah, oh byonna (halle-lujah)
Osaanidde (osaa-nidde)
Mukama, Katonda wa Dawudi (osaa-nidde)
Yes all day, tukuwa ekitiibwa (osaa-nidde)
Gwe wekka, osaanidde
Oh Yesu Kabaka, osaanidde (osaa-nidde)

Holy, you’re holy
You’re holy, you’re holy
Holy, holy
You’re holy, Lamb of God
Worthy, you’re worthy
Jesus you’re worthy, you’re worthy eh
You’re worthy, worthy
You’re worthy, Lamb of God

Worthy, Lord you’re worthy (sure)
Worthy, you’re worthy Jesus
You’re worthy, my God you’re worthy
You’re worthy, Lamb of God

Eeh you’re faithful (faithful)
I’ve seen your faithfulness (faithful)
God, you’ve never failed me (faithful)
Jesus you’re faithful (faithful)
You’re faithful (faithful)
You’re faithful to me (faithful)
You’re faithful, Lamb of God

Yes you’re worth
(You’re worth, Lamb of God)
You’re, you’ve never failed me
(You’re faithful, Lamb of God)
You’re faithful, Lamb of God
You’re faithful, Lamb of God

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