Continued: Artistes’ titles that scare away competitors

Mesach Semakula
Mesach is one of the artistes with more than 20 years experience in the music industry. He is considered and taken as a father figure hence the title of Papa or Golden Papa.

Since they parted ways with their former manager Andrew Mugerwa popularly known as Andy Events, the trio group refers to itself as the Kampala Boys. However, they sometimes call themselves God’s Last Borns.

Daxx Kartel
Whatever the word means, it’s only between Daxx Kartel and his God who know. What we know is that he calls himself Omuryeruba, period.

Mathias Walukagga
Kadongokamu genre is known for artistes who usually wear big sized clothes in relation to their body sizes. Walukagga is one of the few artistes in the genre that tries to wear clothes that fit him well hence the name Ever Smart even though in the recent years, he prefers to be called Sir than the latter.

King Michael
During the period when King Michael was one of the hottest selling cakes with songs like Muko Muko, he formed a group or crew which he named Dancehall Crew. As the main artiste, he named himself the Dancehall King and up to date maintains the title.

Aziz Azion
After claiming to be the brain behind the BaxRagga genre, Aziz Azion gave himself the title King of BaxRagga. However, after abandoning the genre, he has now changed the title too to Uncle Daddy.

Coco Fingure
The artiste who hails from Northern Uganda broke onto Uganda’s music scene with his song Emikono Waggulu. Few years later, he started referring to himself as One Man’s Army and the Luo Ambassador.

A Pass
When A Pass had just started his music career, he used to refer to himself as A Pass the Killer. However, he later re-branded to A Pass the Teacher saying the killer thing was scaring away some people especially kids.

Barbi Jay
The artiste/producer has one of the most scaring titles. He refers to himself as Nsolo Nkambwe (Fierce animal) even though we don’t know which animal is that.

Mad Tiger
For Mad Tiger, his case is a bit different from the others. His stage name Mad Tiger is even more scary than his title Mtoto wa Africa which he has maintained since 90’s.

Sizzaman Diktionary
Sizzaman is that guy with a special way of writing different from the other artistes and writers. He will always jump from one subject to another in his songs and hence adapting the title Ragga Dictionary.

We don’t know much about Vinka’s title of Boss Manja apart from knowing that she owns it. For that case, we shall leave it like that.

Since the departure of Gen. Mega Dee, Maro is the other guy who has branded himself as a typical Musoga through the love he shows for his culture. It’s therefore not news when he tags Busoga Ambassador on his name.

Zil Zil
Zil Zil came in Peter Miles’ image regarding his voice. However, he later re-branded himself and changed the voice. He calls himself Nantameggwa (Undefeatable)

John Blaq
Close to only two years in the music industry, John Blaq has already got himself a title. Don’t mistake him for Aya Baasi, he is the African Bwoy.

Since day one when she had just hit the scene with Arafat, Margla has always positioned herself as the Ragga Muffin Gyal and she still remains.