Close entry points before it’s too late – Bebe Cool to M7

Celebrated Ugandan artiste Bebe Cool has advised President Museveni to close all border points with other countries and airports if the country is to minimize the risks of COVID19. In his submission, he also suggested forceful measures of keeping Ugandans at home with the help of the army which he termed as step two.

“My advice to the president of the republic of UGANDA. It’s time to go to step 2, LOCK DOWN ALL BORDER POINTS AND AIRPORTS completely before we regret. Give UGANDANS one week to prepare for national residential LOCK DOWN. The army should swing in then to enforce guided movements of say one person per household to access either shops or hospitals” he said.

According to him, there is no way Uganda can avoid the pandemic due to continued movements of Ugandans to affected countries like Kenya and Rwanda but the main concern should be channeled to reducing the impact when it strikes. “What has hit the rest of the world will by all means hit UGANDA but STRONG TIMELY measures might minimize the impact to suit our economic capabilities to fight back.” he added.

Bebe further called for halting of the public transportation showing fear for the country’s inability to deal with the virus. “We need to stop public transportation like buses and taxis immediately. People should now be encouraged to stay in their homes from this weekend. We are going to face the worst as UGANDA because we don’t have the resources to handle this epidemic if it hits us massively which it will if we don’t move to stage two by this weekend”.

His advice comes one day after President Museveni issued guidelines which included banning of public gatherings and temporary closure of schools and tertiary institutions for a period of 32 days to prevent the country from being hit with the disease. The pandemic which broke out early this year in China has claimed lives of thousands with China, Italy and South Korea being some of the worst hit countries.