As years pass by, it becomes more inevitable to dodge technology advancements especially in line with mobile devices. However, the advancements sometimes come with some complications. Let’s take a look at why your smart phone freezes and how you can overcome the problem.

Causes of freezing

Large sized Apps
Apps with large size insert a lot of pressure on the device’s processor as well as the internal storage. This in turn affects the general performance of the phone.

Small internal storage
Some smartphones come with a small internal storage which cannot even be helped by adding an external storage, specifically a memory card. This slows down the speed at which the phone works and eventually over burdens the phone resulting into freezing.

Outdated Apps / Software
Some people have a tendency of ignoring ‘updates’ notifications. The Apps we normally use work for a certain period of time and after that time need to be updated. Some Apps will stop working as soon as they are not updated whereas others continue working even though in the long run it affects the phone’s performance due to tear and wear.

Unsecure Apps
Android officially uses its App Google Store to install Applications. However, some users at a time try to dodge it and install by downloading APKs from outside sources which may be dangerous to the phone. Therefore, as the application stays on the phone for a given period of time, it may start misbehaving and eventually cause freezing or hanging.

Then how can we keep our phones from freezing?

Release Storage Space
Get a memory card and transfer files like images, music and videos from internal storage to the card. This will help on reducing the burden faced by the device.

Clear cache / data
The more you use the Apps, the more cache and data stored by the phone. Therefore, you can give the phone more breathing space by clearing Apps cache and data. N.B: Clearing App data doesn’t erase your already downloaded files. E.g. clearing WhatsApp data will only remove your account from the phone which you can put again by entering your phone number and verifying it but doesn’t delete anything from WhatsApp Media.

Uninstall large sized Apps
Check your phone to see if you have large Apps that you don’t normally use and uninstall them. To do this, tap and hold the App that you want to uninstall from the Home screen until the ‘Uninstall’ option displays and drag the app there. Or, you can go to settings, Applications, the App you want to install, and then tap ‘Uninstall.’

Keep Away from Unsecure Apps
Always download all your Apps using Google Playstore. You just need a functioning Gmail account and that’s all. You can also use the app to make sure that your Apps are always updated.

Do Factory Reset
If you try all the above methods and still fail to get the best out of them, then you can do a factory reset on the device. This almost performs all the steps above automatically. However, remember to keep your important data like contacts and files (stored on phone storage) somewhere safe before resetting.

Try flashing the phone
Factory Reset sometimes fails to delete some apps or viruses from the phone. This makes flashing the last resort. However, this should be done by a qualified personnel as if not done properly may lead to total destruction of the phone.

Photo Credit: TechRepublic

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