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Picha Lyrics – Rahmah Pinky x Grenade Official

Team No Sleep’s Rahmah Pinky and Grenade Official team up on Picha, a love song where the two exchange intimacy promises.

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Addicted Lyrics – Twisters Music ft. Dougy Dagz

Addicted is a collaboration between the singing duo of Twisters Music and Dougy Dagz where a man is addicted to his fiancee’s love.

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Metta Love Lyrics – Vivian Tendo

Known for her appealing vocals and love songs, Vivian Tendo pleads with her lover to smear her with romance and intimacy in Metta Love.

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Sala Wano Lyrics – Mudra D’Viral

Mudra D’Viral’s Sala Wano song takes us back to the old schools days where one of the two opposing sides had to cross a line to prove his mighty.

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Nakudata Lyrics – Radio & Weasel ft. OS Ssuuna

A song that opened the doors to Goodlyfe duo, Nakudata nearly turned into an Anthem in 2007. It features OS who was also the producer.

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Weebale Lyrics – Victor Ruz

A heartbreak pains but nothing pains like the time lost during a relationship. Victor Cruz cries foul in Weebale after being dumped by girlfriend.

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One Life Lyrics – Melissa Mulungi ft. Benji Kasule

Life is a one way ticket whereby once you’re gone, you’re done. This song advises people not to stress themselves while living it.

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Kayembe Lyrics – Nshuti Mbabazi

Nshuti showers herself with praises as being brought up properly by her mum. She relates herself to a mango tree with a lot of ripe mangoes.

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Matayo Lyrics – Allan Hendrik

Allan Hendrik (Paper Daddy) warns a one ‘Matayo’ against drug abuse which may affect his life and advises him to heed to advice.

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