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‘Broke’ Kenzo offers his car in exchange for money

It’s close to a month since Eddy Kenzo got locked up in Ivory Coast following the Corona Virus Lockdown by President M7

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Eddy Kenzo dismisses corona virus allegations

According to Eddy Kenzo, he is so disappointed in Ashburg Kato for spreading fake news about his health status.

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Read these 10 Travel Tips to avoid embarrasment

Did you know that some people accidentally leave their homes without undies due to haste? Go through these tips to avoid such embarassment.

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New Horizons for African creativity in 2018

Art Noise is introducing a residency travel program to recruit independent visual creatives & cultural students of African or Black descent and those of non-African descent as well who have interest in African arts and culture to engage in a three month travel program in over 3 different African countries for 2018.

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