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God, Liquor and Death defined Paul Kafeero’s Music

The death of Paul Kafeero in 2007 left a very deep gap in the his music genre which with time seems to be irreplaceable.

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Learning Luganda: Joining words and using the Apostrophe sign

In our second last lesson about Learning Luganda, we look at the proper usage of the Apostrophe sign and common joining words.

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10 ways to avoid harm on Social Media

During times like these when people seem to be so stressed, it is highly advisable to use social media with a lot of carefulness to avoid danger.

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New Year’s Prayer

One artiste sang that ‘Life is the Greatest Gift of All’. We enjoy it free of charge during our stay on the earth. However, we should always remember GOD the Provider.

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Kampala deserted, lonely and silent like a graveyard.

When you die, the only regular visitors you expect are the leaves falling down from the trees, that is if you are laid to rest under a tree. it is almost the same scenario with Kampala during the festive season.

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