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Tusuza Emyoyo Lyrics – Paul Kafeero

One of his last songs, Kafeero used this song to highlight the high levels of hypocrisy among the people surrounding him.

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Entiisa Y’okufa Lyrics – Angel Sekandi

Sekandi describes how scary death may turn out to be, yours friends abandoning you and rushing from the graveyard, among others.

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Abaana Bookunguudo Lyrics – Fred Ssebatta

Fred Ssebatta outlines reasons that lead to the increasing number of street kids and expresses his worry about Uganda’s future.

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Obufumbo bwa Lease Lyrics – Abdu Mulaasi

Even though the term Lease is commonly associated with property, Abdu Mulaasi suggests the same method be used in marriages.

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Perugia Lyrics – Angel Sekandi

Perugia confronts her ‘father’ after being irritated by rumours about not being her real dad. What follows is this song in which he admits it.

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Omuliraano Lyrics – Kajubi Kibijjigiri

Kibijjigiri is caught red-handed with his neighbor’s wife who was still his food from the garden. What follows is drama, agony & ecstasy.

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Kampase Mu Kyalo Lyrics – Mathias Walukagga ft. Fred Sebbaale & Gerald Kiweewa

Walukagga wants to marry a village belle, Sebbaale warns him about the move while Kiweewa advises him to try his luck anywhere.

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