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Olulimi Lwange Lyrics – Paul Kafeero

Kafeero’s undying love for his culture is reflected in this song in which he cries for his language (Luganda) being destroyed and suggests solutions.

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Polin Lyrics – Angel Ssekandi

After being disappointed in love for various times, Ssekandi finally sees a savior in Polin whom he tries to win through a messenger.

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Nsondannya Lyrics – Paul Kafeero

There’s no doubt that one of Kafeero’s biggest fear was death. In Nsondannya, he sings about the unavoidable home, grave yard.

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Olunnabe Lw’ekibuga Lyrics – Angel Sekandi

As Angel urges city-zens to invest in farming, he wonders how a country like Uganda, with fertile land buys food from abroad!

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Bamulya Asooka Lyrics – Fred Ssebatta

A son gets a child with a lady from a tribe where the first born is eaten. A father must sleep with his daughter-in-law to save his grandson.

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Eky’eddalu Lyrics – Gerald Kiweewa

Gerald Kiweewa raps at HIV/AIDS victims who tend to hide their status from loved ones and instead accuse others of witchcraft.

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Ekitaawuluzi Lyrics – Mathias Walukagga

After the DNA revealed that Deo had no child out of the three, Walukagga suggests that the government puts up DNA services at every labor ward.

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Kiweenenya Amazina Lyrics – Paul Kafeero

Kiweenenya Amazina is a continuation to Ekijjankunene series in which Kafeero raps at a clown for telling lies about him and the previous songs.

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Ekijjankunene Part 3 Lyrics – Paul Kafeero

As we wind up the Ekijjankunene series, Diikuula nearly ‘sleeps’ with his mother after sneaking into Namusisi’s room thinking she’s the one there.

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Ekijjankunene Part 2 Lyrics – Paul Kafeero

Diikuula’s new catch flees her newly found home after suspecting that both her husband and co-wife are out practicing cannibalism.

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