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Kawanga Lyrics – Baby Deo*

A man is hacked to death after revealing to the village folks that he met a talking skull on the mountain, only to be betrayed later.

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Ekyapa Lyrics – Abdu Mulaasi

Abdu Mulaasi relates a child to a land title, demanding his lovers to ‘award’ him with children as a way of ensuring true love towards him.

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Akasimu Lyrics – Fred Sebbaale

This song depicts the challenges lovers go through as a result of eavesdropping phone calls sometimes leading to instability in marriages.

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Enkumbi Eyamba Lyrics – Fred Ssebatta

Fred Ssebatta calls upon people to vacate the city and venture into farming in rural areas as the only solution to Uganda’s poverty.

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Kiwengeneku Lyrics – Kazibwe Kapo

Kapo brands individuals that indulge in different vices as ‘Ebiwengeneku’ and vows to take them back to the planet where they belong.

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Naabawanuka Lyrics – Fred Ssebatta

Ssebatta is afraid of confessing his love towards a certain lady. He resorts to different tricks to as a way of expressing his feelings to her.

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Gwemwandabira Lyrics – Paul Kafeero

Paul Kafeero cries foul after his wife walks out on him without giving him any reason for doing so and he keeps wondering why.

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Abawala Mumpemudde Lyrics – Alice Nabatta

Alice Nabatta advises ladies especially the young ones to avoid falling in love easily with every man who pretends to be in love with them.

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Olulimi Lwange Lyrics – Paul Kafeero

Kafeero’s undying love for his culture is reflected in this song in which he cries for his language (Luganda) being destroyed and suggests solutions.

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