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Akanyoomonyoomo Lyrics – Mathias Walukagga

Giving an example of a ship that capsized because the occupants had a disagreement, Mathias warns about undermining others.

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Nalwewuuba Lyrics – Fred Ssebatta

After cheating allegations about his wife, Ssebatta lays a trap which leads to him catching her red handed with another man.

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Nantabuulirirwa Lyrics – Paul Kafeero

Kafeero sings about his sister referring to her as Nantabuulirirwa, a name derived from a person who never listens to advice.

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Ssentebe W’ekizinga Lyrics – Mathias Walukagga

Walukagga advices the Chairman of the Island to sit down with his residents and sort out their differences before it sours.

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Abagagga Bantumye Lyrics – Dan Mugula

Dan Mugula who claims to be sent by the rich people shows concern over their counterparts’ (poor) behaviour towards the wealthy.

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Kazimba Mu Lumuli Lyrics – Livingstone Kasozi

After finding out that Basudde was referring to him in two of his previous songs, Kasozi retaliated with this one.

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Abayimbi Lyrics – Herman Basudde

Basudde sings about the need for all musicians to come together as one if they are to achieve bigger in developing themselves.

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Galenzi Mmwe Lyrics – Paul Kafeero

As an experienced individual in field of women, Paul Kafeero warns boys and youths to be careful when dealing with girls.

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Fiina Pt. 1 Lyrics – Simon Kayiira & Nambawa

Fiina falls in love with Fred despite having turned down various advances from different boys. What happens after she gets pregnant?

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