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Kikemo Lyrics – Slick Stuart & Roja ft. VIP Jemo

Kikemo (Temptation) is the 11th track on Slick Stuart and Roja’s recently released album Very Wellooo featuring Jemo.

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Bye Mucheveni Lyrics – Jim Nola MC

Talented word twisting rapper Jim Nola MC bids farewell to a one ‘Mucheveni’ whom he accuses of prolonging his stay.

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Bangi Lyrics – Navio ft. Daddy Andre & Flex D’ Paper

Bangi comes off Navio’s latest album released this year titled Strength in Numbers featuring Daddy Andre and Flex D’ Paper.

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Enkwe Za Walumbe Lyrics – Jim Nola MC

Jim Nola drops yet another piece full of lyrical maturity titled Enkwe za Walumbe (Evil plans of Satan) bashing Mr. Death.

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Dear Hip Hop Lyrics – GNL Zamba

GNL takes us into an imaginary world where he refers to Hip Hop as his best woman she has ever loved & wants to nurse her wounds.

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Ontwala Speed Lyrics – Mun G

With Bintwala still one of the biggest jams trending in the country, Mun G has released yet another banger titled Ontwala Speed.

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