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Yankutudde Lyrics – David Lutalo

A perfect song for the broken hearted victims, David Lutalo cries for a lost love in Yankutudde and goes on to curse the gold diggers.

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Abantu Baaganye Lyrics – Ronald Mayinja

Once a staunch supporter of Mzee, Mayinja stings him saying people have refused to accept him and advises him to look for an exit.

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Party Time Lyrics – Chosen Becky

Some combinations are hard to beat when it comes to music and Chosen Becky’s combination with Nince Henry seems to be one of them.

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Another Lover Lyrics – Chris Evans Kaweesi

Chris Evans lashes out at his ex-lover for dumping him in Kampala for other men in Abuja & Mombasa. As she seeks to make a return, Evans chest-thumps.

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Mboona Lyrics – David Lutalo

Mboona is a Luganda word that literally means a ripe mango. In this song, that’s the term that David Lutalo uses to describe his lover.

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Speed Lyrics – Afrigo Band

Speed is a song performed by Afrigo Band cautioning drivers against high speed driving which may in return lead to loss of lives.

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Letter Lyrics – Yaled

Popularly to many as a Producer at Double Kick studios, Yaled’s re-entry to the music industry as an artiste came as a surprise to many of us.

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Kiŋŋambe Lyrics – Flona

Out of CRK Planet, Flona dares her lover to say that word that his predecessors failed to say to her and promises to keep waiting for him.

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Bitwale Lyrics – Nshuti Mbabazi ft. Mesach Semakula

Popular for having made a name out of doing cover songs, Nshuti Mbabazi features Golden Band’s ‘Papa’ Mesach Semakula on Bitwale.

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