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Ensonga Lyrics – Carol Nantongo ft. Kabuye Sembogga

Carol Nantongo teams up with exceptional Kabuye Sembogga to come up with Ensonga in which he acts as a father to Carol.

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Sitidde Lyrics – Chris Evans ft. John Blaq

Written by Black Skin, Sitidde is performed by Chris Evans and John Blaq whereby a man shows confidence in loving a girl.

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Long Time Lyrics – Bettina Namukasa ft. Maulana & Reign

Long Time is about two lovers rejoicing upon their reunion after being separated by Quarantine for a long period.

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Bikalubye Lyrics – Serena Bata ft. Chris Evans Kaweesi

Serena cries out following her troubled relationship with lover as Chris Evans tries comforting and giving her advice.

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Silent Lyrics – Henry Mwanje ft. Grace Khan

The song talks about secret lovers who don’t want to front their partners in friends and public leaving them bothered.

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Ssi Binene Lyrics – Chris Evans Kaweesi

Evans advises lovers to always watch out for the tiny things that they tend to ignore and end up failing their relationships

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