But who is bewitching Nalongo Don Zella?

Baganda have a saying that goes like ‘Ebizibu tebimanya nnyumba mbi’ which literally means that problems are faced by everyone be a rich person or poor. But looking at the condition surrounding Nalongo Don Zella’s house, you just confirm that whoever came up with that saying was a genius.

Barely a week after being discharged from the hospital where she has been battling a kidney infection, her husband is now also down and headed for a surgery.  According to Sheila, her hubby Brittney was forced to delay his flight from Dubai as his health was not good due to sickness (Parkanison). “On Monday, he was brought home too where he is going to go under a brain surgery at Mass General Hospital anytime from now to see if he gets better” Sheila said.

However, she maintained that she has to stay strong for their children’s sake and also thanked all friends for standing by her side. “I remain strong for the kids and myself. It’s just a very difficult trying moment for my family.”