Author: Rachael Karungi

Billboard Kipande Lyrics – Nina Roz

With her last song being Kyoyooyo, Nina Roz is proving to be consistent in the music industry with her latest single Billboard Kipande.

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Binji Lyrics – Lydia Jazmine x Fik Fameica

Jazmine and Fik Fameica who have been so close of late express love in new song Binji. Could they be in a serious relationship?

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Your Body Lyrics – Naira Ali

Unlike the trend today where girls are after a man’s wallet, Naira Ali breaks the chain in this song as she craves for body

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Essuubi Lyrics – Pr. Wilson Bugembe

In this song, Pr. Bugembe tries to comfort those who are loosing hope not to and keep looking forward to God’s intervention.

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Love Legend Lyrics – Victor Ruz

In this song Love Legend, Victor Ruz is crying for love after trying all that he can to win the girl’s heart but to no avail.

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Single and It’s Ok Lyrics – Serena Bata

After divorcing his husband, Serena is rejoicing about being single and vows never to waste her time with a wrong person again.

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Omukwano Gunyuma Lyrics – Samalie Matovu

Samalie Matovu sings about hoe people go crazy when they have just fallen in love and how it fades away afterwards.

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