(English Version)

Why beat me?
There is no difference between me and you!
Why kick me?
Yet I have no problem with you?
Before you became a soldier/police officer
You were an ordinary citizen
Before you hurt me
Listen to my cry
The problems I am passing through
Are the same you are passing through
I’m fighting for me and for you
So that your children and my children
Get good education and have a bright future
So that my wife and your wife can give birth Successfully and get proper medical care
You are torturing but I am your brother
What you see me doing
Helps you and your people

Afande I am not fighting you
I am fighting for you
I am not fighting you
But I am fighting for you
Afande I am not fighting you friend
I am fighting for you
Afande I am not fighting with you
I am fighting for you

Why do you beat me up?
As if I am your enemy
The opression I am facing
Is the same oppression you are facing!
Why do you really want
To keep your people down?
Whatever you do today
There will be a time of reckoning
Whatever you sow
That you will reap
Many have been there like you are today
If you avoid their mistakes
You will be well advised

Afande I am fighting for your well being
Because you are paid peanuts
You work so hard but live like a pauper
When you have visitors
You have no proper accommodation for them
Even if you do these things under instruction
You’re a human being
Whatever situations oppress us
Oppress you too
You reside in terrible accommodation
Your income is too low
Your people are badly off
When I talk about these things
You torture me, but what for?

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