Since March 2017, Kamuli Post is an Online Platform dedicated to writing Lyrics especially for Ugandan Artistes. These Lyrics range from Secular music, Kadongokamu, Hymns, among others. We drew our inspiration from one of the major lyrics website known as A-Z Lyrics. Since this website didn’t cater for our local content, that’s when we came up with an idea of serving the local audience.

With an experience of over 5 years in the business now, we have established ourselves as one of the leading lyrics website in the country. Our strength mainly lies in the ability to write fluent Luganda (which covers over 90% of the our lyrics) attracting thousands of visitors on a daily basis.

On a regular basis, there are some days designed to carry special lyrics other factors remaining constant. These include Thursdays – oldies, Saturdays – Kadongokamu and Sundays for Gospel and Hymn songs. However, there might be slight changes to cater for special occasions like a hot new song with a lot of demand from our followers.

Note: Artistes can also submit lyrics on their own through our “Contact Us” Section.

We are always grateful to have you as our visitor on this Website and we are FOREVER THANKFUL.

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