A Pass warns Ugandans on Foreign Aid, Lockdown

Of late, there is a way A Pass has picked interest in the country’s politics and leadership. From bashing the Speaker a few weeks ago, the singer has now shown concern about the recent aid given to Uganda aimed at helping it overcome COVID-19 pandemic and reducing its impact on the economy. While reacting on the funds from different countries and organizations like United States of America, Denmark, IMF among others, the Tuli Ku Bigere hit maker warned Ugandans about the burden of paying back the money.

“Be aware of this fellow Ugandans… This is your money but it’s not free, it is not free, it is not free. You and other Ugandans will have to pay it back but am worried you will have not even benefited from it at all and that is the sad thing paying back the money you didn’t even use as a Ugandan” A Pass said. On the issue of extending the lockdown, A Pass saw this as beneficial to the government but not the citizens.

“In other news, start thinking about the lockdown days as you look at this kind of money that is close to a billion US Dollars as you eat your weak posho and weak beans. Your government is receiving money on behalf of you to help you; I hope you get the help you need… They may push this lockdown even longer for their own good not for the people’s health because we all know they don’t really care about you but the money” he added.

He also talked about a plan by the leaders to use the pandemic as an excuse to push for their selfish political gains. “These people are going to take advantage of this moment, to advance their political agenda, they will play with your emotions to increase their own power instead of looking at the long term ways of dealing with the situation. Leadership in Uganda is poor because of selfish interests, lack of respect for the people, the people’s lack of knowledge, and passiveness.”