A Pass fires back at Speaker Kadaga over rotten food

Dancehall artiste A Pass aka Alexander Bagonza has rapped at Speaker of Parliament Hon. Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga for not coming out in time to save the country as the government was allegedly serving expired food items to its citizens. The artiste was responding to the Speaker’s recent claims about the state of food and powdered milk that was given out following the COVID-19 lock down.

“Why didn’t you talk about it in the first place before disagreeing on how to share the loot? These people are sick. You can’t come out and say this; you knew the food was rotten where were you? You knew the milk was expired where were you Madam Speaker????” A Pass wondered. He also expressed the need for accountability by the Ministry of Health as they received a bigger amount of money than the one asked for.

“A speaker who plays silent until she is not happy. God bless Uganda. Ministry of health was given 94 billion when they asked for 62 Billion. But what is this money really doing? We never get accountability and break down of what was done, we have the wrong people in power, thieves just”

The three arms of the government have been up in arms lately after President Museveni’s recent speech in which he condemned the Members of Parliament for allocating themselves 20 million shillings each in a supplementary budget passed to fight the Corona virus. It is alleged that this is what sparked off Kadaga’s ranting to the extent of disclosing the rot in the project of delivering relief items to the vulnerable people.