10 Ugandan Songs That Will Leave You in Tears!!!

  1. Dunia Weeraba – Late Livingstone Kasozi

The Kadongokamu song tells of a real life story. By the time Kasozi sang it, he was suffering from HIV/AIDS. He regretted having failed to bear a child in his life but thanked his fellow musicians Paul Kafeero (Late) and Herman Basudde (Late) for being around during the hard times. He also thanked God for making him rich and prayed for other artistes to get wealth when they are still healthy.

  1. Essaawa Y’okuzaawa – Late Paul Kafeero

If Kafeero feared anything on earth, that is supposed to be death. This can be witnessed by how often he sang about it in his songs. One of the Late Paul Kafeero’s saddest songs, Essaawa Y’okuzaawa entails the pain through which people go through after losing their loved ones. He goes on to mention some of the big names who have lost the battle to ‘Mr. Death’ like Mobutu Seseko, Philly Lutaaya, Hitler among others as a way of expressing his (Death) might.

  1. Alone & Frightened – Late Philly Bongole Lutaaya

After the Late Philly Lutaaya learnt about his HIV/AIDs status, he came out openly and disclosed it to the world. He never stopped there but he also went ahead to compose the song Alone & Frightened where he expressed psychological pain the victims go through. ‘Don’t desert me, ….’ are some of the lyrics in the song.

  1. Ekimansannaku – Matthias Walukagga

When Walukagga picked up his guitar to sing about HIV/AIDs, it was like putting an icing sugar on a cake. He sang what happens in real life about the HIV/AIDs victims; how people especially women talk ill about them (victims) yet they can also contract the disease unknowingly through the sexual network.

  1. Bibuzaabuza – Pr. Wilson Bugembe

The humble pastor from a humble background poured out all his heart in this piece. The tales of how his siblings died one by one, how he used to walk while kicking rubbish in hope of finding a one hundred coin to where he is now.

  1. Story ya Lukka – GNL Zamba

The Ghetto story teller in this song tells us about a fellow youth who lived a celebrated life until one night when he had a sexual intercourse with a girl he got from a bar due to alcohol influence left him HIV positive. He now lives in fear, shame and embarrassment because of the life he used to live before. Just like the others, GNL advices us not to laugh at the victims as sometimes they get infected unknowingly.

  1. Kaleke Kasome – Maurice Hasa

A parent spends days and night working to ensure that her only child gets what to eat and grows up.. She sometimes sleeps on empty stomach just to make sure that her child gets education. A devil in form of a man comes from nowhere and defiles the little girl in addition to affecting her with AIDs. This is the story of this song by Maurice Hasa goes.

  1. Paradiso – Bobi Wine

Paradiso which means Paradise in English, was Bobi Wine’s first song fully recorded in Swahili. This song is about a person who went abroad for work. On his return, he brings gifts for his parents only to find them dead and buried long time ago. In this song, he hopes that they are in Paradise (heaven) and that one time they will meet again.

  1. Tombuulira – Joseph Ngoma

Gospel artistes always have something in common. They are known for their humble beginnings especially the born agains. In Joseph Ŋŋoma’s story, he narrates his family’s ordeal through which they went through. The notorious lady who had a misunderstanding with his (Ŋŋoma) mother but instead transferred the anger to the whole family hence killing one by one.

  1. Situations – Exodus

It started like any other day. The only child of a single mother with a beautiful smile left for school, she is knocked dead by a vehicle on her way to school crashing all the hope she her mother had in her. All she was left with is sadness and tears.

N.B: The songs are numbered randomly.