Kabissi Ka Ndagala Lyrics – David Lutalo

One of the best artistes when it comes to lyrical maturity, Lutalo serves his fans with Kabissi Ka Ndagala, a name derived from banana juice.

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Yeggwe Munnange Lyrics – Joseph Ngoma

Different people have different stories behind their lives. Ngoma narrates his own touching story in this song, Yeggwe Munnange.

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Olunnabe Lw’ekibuga Lyrics – Angel Sekandi

As Angel urges city-zens to invest in farming, he wonders how a country like Uganda, with fertile land buys food from abroad!

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Follow Lyrics – John Blaq

After a silent 2021, Mr. Aya Baasi John Blaq has kicked off early preparations for his comeback next year 2022 with this song, Follow.

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Gamba Chwi Lyrics – Feffe Bussi

Freestyle King Feffe Bussi brags shares his life changing journey with fans and brags about being close to the biggest 3 musicians in the land.

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Ogeza Lyrics – Victor Ruz

Having suffered and healed from a recent heart break, The Jinja Boy Victor Ruz dares his new catch not to chuck or lie to him again.

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Onina Lyrics – Baza Baza

Baza Baza is just another victim of the ban on the concerts due to Covid-19. Without the ban, his song Onina would have won him many gigs.

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Bw’akka Lyrics – Florence Rukundo

Florence Rukundo calls upon the LORD to descend upon His people so that the sick can be healed, break the chains of pain, among others.

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Bamulya Asooka Lyrics – Fred Ssebatta

A son gets a child with a lady from a tribe where the first born is eaten. A father must sleep with his daughter-in-law to save his grandson.

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