Mbeera Lyrics – Levixone x Grace Morgan

Mbeera talks about how a situation can force you into doing what you wouldn’t have done. Though, it gives hope at the end if you trust Jesus.

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Nkooye Okwegomba Lyrics – Jose Chameleone

Originally done by Philly Bongoley Lutaaya (RIP), the song talks about life hurdles which lead to people envying others.

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Killer Portion Lyrics – Nince Henry

Celebrated songwriter Nince Henry returns with Killer Portion in which he vows to kill himself because of the love he has towards a girl.

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K’okirabe Lyrics – Mathias Walukagga

Giving examples, Walukagga advises people to give respect to those who help them on their way up the ladders of success.

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Bwoti Lyrics – Daddy Andre ft. Fik Fameica

If music was soccer, Andre would probably be Uganda’s Cristiano Ronaldo. That person who never rests chasing success.

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Woman of My Life Lyrics – Gen. Mega Dee

Currently based in the United States, Gen. Mega Dee was once a force to reckon with in regards to the musicians from Busoga region.

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Sky Love Lyrics – Audio Li Snuk ft. Ice Rank Matrix & Arthy Dinz

Special Lyfe Crew’s Audio Li, Ice Rank & Arthy Dinz sing about love which they compare to being high up in the sky.

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