Why Nail "our" Juliana Kanyomoozi*

After a long time of music break, last week Ugandan diva Juliana Kanyomoozi released one of the songs off her new album titled “I’m still Here”. The song written by Esther Nabaasa and produced by Micheal Fingers has since received mixed reactions from music lovers, fans inclusive.
A certain radio entertainment show linked the flow of the song to One Day at a Time by Akon and Enrique Iglesias but the major problem is about the video. Done by Justin Campos, a South African Producer, the video has been related to Jennifer Lopez’s Ain’t Your Mama right from the shots, camera angles and costumes. This has made the video’s views to shoot up in a short period.
After a lot of criticism and talk about the video, Juliana finally came out to defend herself about the video. In her defense, she said that she had never watched Lopez’s video before. We have no evidence to prove if what she is saying is right or wrong.
In many cases, it’s not the artiste who writes the script especially in cases like this where the artiste worked with a professional producer. And if it emerges that Juliana dedicated the script, Justin credibility and professionalism will be doubted. If she paid him for the video, then he is the right person to nail not Juliana. Therefore if we are to blame, let’s blame the writer, audio producer and video producer but not the artiste.