Why Besigye and Bobi Wine MUST meet

Ever since Bobi Wine came on Uganda’s political scene, there have been lots of happenings both good and bad. Even though some still see him as a storm that will come to pass and go on to compare him with Hajji Nasser Ntege ‘Seya’ Ssebaggala, others believe in him and see him as a presidential material. Today not being a judgment day, let’s leave that topic for another time.

Before the surfacing of Bobi Wine, we had (and still) Rtd. Col. Kizza Besigye as the biggest opposition figure in Uganda. For more than 18 years since 2001, the doctor has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he is not a storm but he is here to stay. For the past years, he has suffered countless arrests by the security forces including being put under house rest after the 2016 general elections.

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If there is anything that binds the two together, it’s their dedication towards fighting for freedom and democracy. The recent purported attack on Besigye last week as he left CBS studios by a bunch of ‘People Power’ supporters hit us by surprise. Why should a man who has suffered for all these years be humiliated like that? If you’re fighting for freedom (as you claim), then why do you have to attack a fellow fighter? If they have one same enemy, isn’t this giving him indirect victory?

Whatever happened and regardless of who did it, it didn’t mirror the person they are following who tells them night and day to keep away from any form of violence. Even when he came out to address the issue, he once again condemned the act and urged them to keep peace wherever they are. However, the differences between Bobi Wine and Besigye’s supporters has been growing lately, and following Saturday’s incident, there are reports that there is a group in FDC that has organized to work upon People Power supporters.

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If there is any misunderstanding between Bobi Wine and Besigye, it’s high time the two met and calm the anger that is currently brewing between the two camps. They both need to fix time in between their busy schedules and put their egos aside for the good of the cause. It’s not too late to leave the Old Testament teaching of ‘an eye for an eye’ instead of the New Testament’s ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself’.