Uganda’s Sexiest Divas Exposed!

Gone are the days when music depended on talent only. During those days, you really had to be with a great talent in order to shine in this music industry. The likes of Herman Basudde, Elly Wamala, Philly Lutaaya, Carol Nakimera, among others majorly depended on their music talents to earn love and support from the fans.

Fast forward to the 21st century, welcome to the era where you can win the masses because you have money, a nice looking body, a beautiful face or even the way you dress. The list below indicates the current sexiest female artistes in their order.


10. Nina Rose

Just like her predecessor Desire, there is no other reason for Nina’s featuring on this list rather than her height. She is currently the only girl with an American height in the industry we know about so we didn’t want to dish her advantage in the trash can.

9. Desire Luzinda

The only reason we have Desire in this list is her body. There’s no way we could just ignore her curvaceous body and there is no doubt about that. Apart from that, let’s pretend we never saw her name on this list. After all she is a saved now who leans most of her life on Godly behavior.

8. Kemi Sera

Kream Productions’ Kemi Sera is one of the few ladies that represented Band music. The gorgeous ready-to-eat beauty with a brown skin is one of the big assets in her band and the industry at large. We may not like her music very much but she’s got the body and the looks worth paying a penny for.

7. Spice Diana

The ‘Thirty Two’ singer is one of the other hot chics we currently have in the music industry. Her ability to switch voices and dance moves on the stage make her even sexier not forgetting the sharp eyes and her petite body size.

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6. Lydia Jazmine

The ever innocent looking Jazmine has not only had two successful consecutive years but she is one of the best looking ladies in the land. The black beauty chic has all it has to be one of the best looking chics in the land.

5. Sasha Brighton

The former New Eagles Productions’ Sasha with a chocolate skin has every reason to appear on this list. The sexy lipped singer will draw your attention as you’re watching her music videos and in the end you’re assured of coming up with a biased opinion.

4. Rema Namakula

Unlike most of the ladies in this list, Rema has two outstanding body features known to all of us; that is her eyes and the dimples. She’s the kind of woman you would wish to see smiling for 365 days a year. That coupled with her vocal prowess, she has every reason to appear on our list.

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3. Sharon O

The former Obsessions artiste Sharon O is one of the ladies that never fade. The light skinned Sharon is not that famous in the industry for her music but probably her looks. It’ll be very difficult to have another beautiful angel sent from heaven like Sharon.

2. Zanie Brown

One of the most reserved girls we have in the industry, Zanie is undoubtedly among the hottest chics in the land. Even when she shifted to doing more gospel music than secular music, you’ll feel like listening to a love song. No wonder you’ll get jealous at Bafana for snatching a collabo with the beauty queen.

1. Pia Pounds

Although she is yet to make such a great impact in the music industry, there is little or no doubt that Big Talent’s Pounds is currently the hottest chic in the music industry. This may explain the reason for her endless photo shoot; she probably knows the power of her body.


Then there comes the invincible duo of Iryn Namubiru and Juliana Kanyomozi. The two divas have been around for over two decades but they give you that mentality that they are not going anywhere and are here to stay. Both gifted with powerful voices, the Uganda’s new breed of divas still have a long way to go if they are to overcome them.